How to select the acoustic instrument for playing music?

There are many acoustic instruments for playing or creating music. Some of them are small enough to place them in a pocket, while the others require a single room. Anyway, the most popular one is the acoustic guitar.

To what pay attention when selecting an acoustic guitar?

The market is full of companies that copy original and high-quality guitars, creating awful duplicates. That is why it often happens that two, seemingly the same, guitars have completely different prices. Here are some of the brands that create qualitative guitars:

  • Ibanez. This brand is famous primarily as the producer of electric and bass guitars. However, with no less success, it is producing high-quality competitive acoustic guitars. They often use the mahogany and rosewood as the main material for manufacturing
  • Gibson. The manufacturer of elite acoustic guitars for many years already enjoys worldwide popularity and recognition of music industry professionals. The instrument is notable for its excellent quality of the sound and materials
  • Fender. This is another global giant in the production of elite acoustic guitars. However, it is more affordable than Gibson.

What other instruments can you find?

Despite the fact that the acoustic guitar is the most popular instrument nowadays, there are still many other interesting options for beginners to play music. For example, you can read about the mandolin here

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