Trodax is a safe service

Of course, at first glance, it may seem that the service may have some flaws in use and not all transactions may be protected from intruders. But you can be sure that all operations that are carried out through your account are safe, with significant emphasis. Work on transactions is performed only in your accounts based on the information you entered. All funds are stored in your accounts on the exchanges. We do not have direct access and cannot independently store or manage your funds. To read more about safe politics, please visit us on the web page

API keys are enciphered

You provide API access without direct withdrawal. Thus, you do not offer the service with access to their removal from stock exchanges through the passwords of your exchange accounts. Only you carry out the control over money. Trodax service works with an SSL certificate; thus, all traffic is encrypted, and access belongs only to you. API keys are also encrypted. We do not store your API keys open in the database and do not provide access to them. Each key has its algorithm. The maximum level of security so that even the theft of the database, which is impossible in principle, will not allow fraudsters to use them. The peculiarity is that the server where the API keys are stored does not have an external IP address, that is, it is inaccessible to other users.