Business – your personal coin miner!

Mineralt is a special service for mining money from your content. One can lead the usual life, making streams, creating apps or working on browser extensions and be paid cryptocurrency for that. How can Mineralt manage to do it? Let’s see!


This service pretends to lead in the market because it has something new to offer. It gives users the opportunity to receive money without annoying ads and doubts about the visitors’ GEO. It works quietly and takes only CPU power, transforming it into Moneros, Electroneums, Nicehashes or Sumokoins. You put a script to your own domain and enjoy the result.

The perks of being a Mineralt member:

  • The service is free;
  • Your CPU cannot be detected or used without your permission;
  • Coins can be mined from a mobile phone;
  • You can shift the currency the moment you decide it’s not worthy anymore;
  • All money is delivered within 24 hours.

What questions do people ask Mineralt?

The first question one can come up with is the price. The number of money people can earn with Mineralt and the payouts cause interest. And the answer is simple: everyone can earn much with this project, the more users you have the higher your reward is. And as for payouts, they have a fixed system which doesn’t depend on some subjective circumstances. This position highlights them among the other mining services.

In conclusion, we’d say that this project is worth trying and if you’re not convinced, go to the website and read more!