How to use push notifications to boost sales

Push notifications allow you to re-engage users thanks to interesting messages sent at key times during the entire period of using the application. They are used to remind the customer about forgotten pending purchases in the online shopping cart, offer free shipping, discounts, etc.

Boosting sales with push notifications

Push notifications are a convenient way to tell the audience about the new goods or to remind that the validity period of their coupons expires in two days. All notifications serve one purpose – to increase the loyalty of users to the brand (store, application, etc.) and the conversion rate. But as for tasks, push notifications can be divided into several groups:

  • Notifications that motivate users or inspire. They sell or report nothing. They are aimed at increasing brand loyalty.
  • They remind users that they have not completed the purchase or, for example, forgot to purchase an accessory to the purchased item.
  • Tell the audience about the sales or a new collection.
  • Messages that are not related to sales but provide users with information from their area of interest.

You can determine, which notifications will work specifically for your business, by experimenting with different types. In addition, there are several general tips:

  • Choose the right time to send notifications – try a few options to find the right one for yourself.
  • Personalize your notifications – this will help positively adjust users to you.
  • Determine with frequency – do not irritate subscribers with frequent reminders, but do not let yourself forget about yourself.
  • Create an interesting text alert – attract the attention of the audience.
  • Do not send notifications in order to keep the schedule, inform users only about what will really be useful to them.

Push notifications for business

Push notifications are a great way to communicate with the audience. According to studies, 52% of smartphone users have an activated push service on their devices. Using push monetization service, notifications can bring business the following benefits:

  • Attract customers to business pages in social networks
  • Promote products and services (especially special offers)
  • Create credibility for the brand and build a reputation by providing valuable content
  • Attract users to the site
  • Solve the problem of abandoned baskets in online stores