How to Find an Alternative to Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is one of the most popular solutions on the market, however, there are many other solutions that may fit you more. As an option, you can choose a service that combines all the best Zoho features for a lower price.
However, when you are seeking for the option you should consider the next parameters.
Universal or Specified?
It is the first question which you shall ask yourself. The majority of CRM systems are universal and are suitable for the average sales department. However such functionality sometimes is not enough. For example, the realtor needs to carry a base of real estate objects, and the interactive calendar is necessary for the private hospital to record clients’ data and visiting hours. In most of the universal CRMs there are no such functions and if you need specific opportunities, then you should take into account industry solutions. There are special systems for the banking sector, the real estate, logistics and also a set of programs for a service sector: beauty shops, insurance and legal agencies, fitness clubs, auto repair shops and so on.
Cloud or desktop?
CRM programs are divided into two groups: cloud and desktop solutions. The first is online services in which it is possible to work from any computer via the browser: it is enough to have a connection to the Internet. It is not necessary to buy such program: all data is stored on a remote server, you just subscribe and you regularly pay a monthly fee. The desktop software is installed on computers, and all data is stored on the server of the company. One-time payment: you buy the license, and then it is necessary to redeem service packs only. However, in the future, it is necessary to pay the system administrator to support the program.
Recently the increasing popularity is gained by cloud decisions. There are several reasons for that:
● they are cheaper
● more user-friendly and available for remote workers
● all updates appear in the account automatically, and it is not necessary to pay for them in addition
At the same time, it is possible to cut expenses on services of the programmer and to use free technical support. Judging by a research of the consulting company Capterra, today 73% of the companies implement «cloudy» decisions.