Bestmixer is the fastest Bitcoin mixer ever

Choosing bitcoins, businessman pressing touch screen button.

Introducing a cryptocurrency mixer which saves users’ time and also money. Read this article to know more about Bestmixer and its features.

Bestmixer is a cryptocurrency tumbler which deletes all personal information from transacting history, it even doesn’t ask for it. But users like it not only for the main function but for saving their time and money. Let’s find out how this service reaches good results.

A convenient website

Look at the website (, its design is so attractive and convenient so it’s very easy to understand how to use the miser. The information is divided into sections and it doesn’t require effort to know the prices and answers to the most popular questions.

The speed of mixing

A wonderful thing about Bestmixer is an ability to set a transfer delay time so the moment when your crypto is mixed always depends on your choice. Moreover, after the fast mixing, all information about it will be deleted within 24 hours.


The fastest Bitcoin mixer is also very reliable. Every client gets a letter of guarantee and a unique code which proves that the same coins won’t be given back. Depending on the number of addresses filled at once the developers send 1-6 confirmations. They are used when there were some troubles and you want to assert the rights.

Bestmixer is a real catch for those who are interested in security. It mixes coins in a short period of time and asks not much money for that (the minimum fee is 0,5% but there are discounts).